Text your ex back

Text your ex back is a very strange concept: it’s based on the idea that you can text your ex back after a breakup by sending text messages or SMS messages, although apparently e-mails or letters will do just as well

So how can you get a and ex boyfriend or girlfriend back by sending text messages?

Well, before we consider that question, I do want to observe that it’s a highly effective program, and in fact although is written by a man who doesn’t seem to be qualified as a therapist, he is certainly qualified in terms of experience in writing Internet relationship programs, and appearing on programs on national television advizing people about how to maintain romantic, healthy relationships.

On those grounds alone you’d have to think that the man in question — Michael Fiore, usually called Mike Fiore –  is a self appointed Internet Guru. However, the fact of the matter is that I’ve been selling his program for quite some time now and I see that the refund rate on it is extremely low — a sure sign of a program that is both popular and successful.

And of course that makes a lot of sense, because every single one of us wants to be in a relationship, and if we’re not a relationship with searching one out, and if we’re just ending a relationship or have just been dumped, then we are looking for a new relationship.

The power of the desire to be in relationship is what makes Internet advice programs on relationships and sexual success so popular. I don’t mean to decry or deny Michael’s expertise in any way, because I happen to admire the guy hugely, and I think that the program text your ex back (which followed on from his previous production called “text the romance back”) is a hugely successful and very popular program that could well get your relationship back.

It’s a program produced in both PDF and digital form. When you join, there are about eight hours of interactive audio and video training, and a community where you can put your questions, make observations, and suggestions, and also of course get salient advice from others who are engaged in the matter of getting their NEW (note NEW) relationship back off the ground.

Not only that but there are PDF guides and MP3 files — but the most important aspect of the program is undoubtedly the material provided in written form which gives you an exact blueprint for what to text to your ex relationship partner and when to text it!

This is a set out in a series of modules which are time delimited — so that after an initial period*, you then engage in a very well regulated and strictly delimited series of messages, all of which have a specific purpose in terms of engaging your ex-partner.

*There is a 30 day period before you engage in any contact with your ex-partner whatsoever, a period designed as a “cooling off” period, in other words, a period in which you have no contact. This enables you to obtain some distance and objectivity about what factors caused your relationship breakup in the first place.

Version 2 of this very popular program, again called Text Your Ex Back starts by saying that “if you legitimately missed & appreciate your ex, if you feel like you really loved them, and if you feel like the reasons that the two of you split up are all matters that you can move past and accept” then you have a fair chance of getting your NEW relationship back and reawakening your ex’s love.

Now how does it work?

To start with you have instant online access to this very simple step-by-step system, in which guru Mike teaches you the powerful secrets of relationship success. Read about the power of texts to your ex.

In particular, he teaches you how to reconnect with your ex-through carefully written SMS text messages and a formula that is guaranteed to give you the maximum chance of re-establishing connection, love, and affection.

So there is an interesting combination of texts that are provided for you, and text templates which you can adapt to your own circumstances. Ranging from catchy headings like “best of relationship” texts to “intimacy boosters”, every step of the reconciliation is available to you, specifically designed with one objective: to get you into the presence of your ex-partner so that you can then tell them how you genuinely feel about them.

Now why does this work so well?

I think there are several reasons, not least of which is the private and non-confrontational nature of texting.

It’s hard to have an argument with somebody when you’re on the end of a text message, and of course if this is so then you can actually build intimacy rather than having another argument — and I assume it is the arguments that drove you part in the first place!

That’s why your old relationship should never be your new aspiration.

Your old interaction died for a very good reason, and is not coming back — what a good thing, what a relief that is.

But of course to get to this place, that is to say to the place of having a new relationship with your ex-partner, you’ve actually got to do some work on how your ex-partner, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, actually sees you.

The truth of the matter is that they probably have quite a negative perception of you, and what you now need to do is replace that with a positive perception, so that you seem to be a romantic and very desirable individual.

And of course because everybody, man or woman, really wants romance, you need to learn how to be unapologetically romantic, so that you can actually sincerely and genuinely earn your ex-partner’s trust.

Needless to say, one of the important factors here is that you’re not going to be begging, pleading or being needy. If you think that a program which can do all this for you is something well worth buying into, then I would strongly suggest that you have a look at the program and see if you think it can help you.

Heartburn no more

Well, if you are experiencing excess stomach acid, you may well think that the title of this post is an ambitious one!

However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that home remedies can be extremely effective as a cure for acid reflux.

The truth is, however, that you have to find the one that works, one that is based on scientific principles, and has been demonstrated to succeed by professional research.

It’s no use just picking up any old home remedy from the Internet, and hoping for the best.

To start with, you need to ensure that you have had medical advice to make sure that there is no serious underlying problem: that could include hiatal hernia, Barratt’s esophagus, an incipient stomach ulcer, or Helicobacter pylori infection.

Assuming that none of these problems relates to you, then it’s reasonable to take antacids like Tums and turn to home remedies for a longer term cure.

One of the issues that you may come up against when you do this, is that the pain of excess acid can be excruciating, and you may be tempted to go to the pharmacy and gets an over-the-counter medication such as Prilosec or Zantac.

It’s worth remembering that hydrogen blockers like Zantac are a better remedy in the short term and PPIs like Prilosec, simply because the proton pump inhibitors tend to produce a rebound effect when you stop taking them which makes the stomach acid production more excessive than it was in the first place.

So my advice is that if you want to try a medication for temporary relief while you look for the origins of the problem at a more fundamental level, use Zantac or Tagamet — these are the trade names for ranitidine and cimetidine.

Now, what home remedies could possibly deal with acid reflux?

Video by Joseph Mercola on acid reflux.

I want to emphasize that we’re not talking about traditional cures like using sodium bicarbonate or drinking a lot of water.This is purely nonsense, and is certainly not going to cure acid reflux any time soon.

Or were actually looking for here is some lifestyle changes that will enable you to accommodate the stress which may lie behind your stomach acid production. It’s not entirely clear why stress and stomach acid production are linked, but they most certainly are, and in my experience, the common factor is actually a state of emotional conflict rather than anxiety per se.

Be that as it may, it clear that you need to find out what’s lying beneath your emotional distress or stress, before you start dealing with excess stomach acid.

That might mean something as simple as adopting a relaxation program to reduce stress, or meditation program so that you can calm an overactive mind which is producing anxiety, and come to terms with the situation in your life as it is, rather than fighting it at an emotional level.

Needless to say, this is easier said than done, because some of the situations that produce conflict, anxiety, and excess acid production stomach are things that can’t be dealt with too easily — for example relationship problems or stress at work. In these cases, it may be necessary to change your attitude, and to learn to live with a source of your emotional distress

There’s a program on the market called Heartburn No More, written by a man called Jeff Martin, which seems to be one of the more effective and compelling ebooks on home remedies for acid reflux. I’ve written a detailed review of Heartburn No More – see it at www.anaturalrefluxremedy.com – and I hope you will find it useful. The reasons I think it’s a good approach is because I’ve used it myself, and it certainly helped me enormously.

The final thing I want to make clear is that in some cases Helicobacter pylori infection can be a problem, and it’s worth having a check with your doctor to see if this may be a factor in your case.

Capture his heart — the best dating advice for women

Now could it really be true that capture his heart is genuinely the best dating advice available for women?

Well possibly, but I think the best way for you to decide that is to have a look at my website, which you can find here — relationship advice for women — and decide for yourself whether or not you want to buy the program.

1-300_can-you-make_1a (2)Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is a dating advice program written by a gentleman called Michael Fiore and a woman called Claire Casey (see her picture to the left), both of whom are formidable experts in the field of dating and relationship improvement programs on the Internet.

Where capture his heart and making him love you forever scores highly is that it is not only an original program, but that it is practical and easily applied to almost any situation in which you find yourself.

You see, Mike Fiore and Claire Casey have taken information that is generally not available to people entering a relationship, and have made it is freely available to everyone by means of their imaginative and creative work on the Internet.

So, for example, if you are a woman seeking to enter into relationship with a man, you may be delighted to learn that, among other things, capture his heart includes information on male behaviour, male needs, male aspirations, and male behaviour patterns. For women who have previously found men to be a total mystery both in and out of relationships, this may come as a huge relief!

1-300_can-you-make_1a (1)You see, we all lack the basic information that we need to successfully establish relationships and work together in building trust and intimacy in a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Without help, it’s almost certain that capturing his heart, as the romantic novels might put it, could be a difficult if not downright impossible challenge, filled with misunderstandings, mutual doubt, and an eventual breakdown of trust.

When you have a guy who can take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to be doing to increase your chances of successfully establishing a relationship with a man, the whole thing becomes much simpler and easier. Instead of being a difficult trial and tribulation, building a relationship becomes a joyous experience which both people can enjoy to the full, and within the framework of which both people can grow and explore their full potential.

Now I know this sounds like a promising a great deal from an Internet program, but I want to reassure you that capture his heart and making love you forever has been proven by many hundreds of thousands of happy women, who have testified online to the success of this program, and the happiness that it has brought them, simply by providing dating advice and relationship advice that they need to establish intimate connection with a man.

My own website provides you with information about the contents of the program, and although it calls itself a review site, it’s not so much a review site as early description of what is available to you if you buy capture his heart. The reason that I’ve done it like this is so that you are not swayed by reviews which are little more than an untrustworthy collection of positivity about a particular program. By providing you with information about what is actually in the program, I empower you to make your own decision as to whether or not you wish to buy.

The Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

The Causes Of PE

Premature Ejaculation Causes

If you’re a man who is struggling with premature ejaculation, one of the things that might be puzzling you is what is actually causing it.

If you read the information on the Internet, you’ll quickly find lots of reasons put forward to explain the origin of premature ejaculation, but whilst there is a lot of speculation, there certainly aren’t many hard facts. One thing that we can say is that all premature ejaculation falls into one of two causes: psychological or emotional causes (aka psychogenic), and the physical causes (also known as organic).

To be quite honest, I think we can dismiss the physical causes of PE pretty quickly because although there’s been a lot of scientific research done on things like hypersensitivity of the penis, the truth is that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that rapid orgasm in men is caused by physical factors. To say that a man has a hypersensitive penis is fairly meaningless because it’s the brain that processes the nerve impulses from the penis (those are the nerve impluses which cause a man’s sexual arousal to develop and eventually trigger his ejaculatory reflex).

If a man’s sexual arousal rises too quickly, and too high for him to contain his climax, which is what happens to many men who experience rapid ejaculation, you can’t say that’s happening because his penis is sending too many nerve impulses, or because the threshold of excitability of his nervous system is too low; all you can say for certain is that his brain is causing him to get aroused too quickly and triggering his ejaculation reflex too soon! (Although of course exactly what “too soon” means is another matter altogether. In evolutionary terms, rapid ejaculation is probably no bad thing – it’s only bad for the human female who remains unsatisfied after intercourse, and possibly also for the ego of her lover who may feel less of a man because of that fact.)

Even analysing brain chemistry, and determining that men who ejaculate quickly have high or low levels of serotonin, does not indicate a physical base for premature ejaculation, since everything that happens in the brain is mediated by the nervous system. And when a man is emotionally aroused – by which, broadly speaking, I mean emotionally excited, nervous, angry, or experiencing any other high level of emotion – his nervous system is already on high alert even before he starts receiving sexual stimulation. It’s no wonder that in such a situation he tips over the point of ejaculatory inevitability too quickly.

You could perhaps argue, as some experts have done, that premature ejaculation is a behavioural or learned response, for example in response to furtive and rapid masturbation as an adolescent. In essence, this argument suggests that a man trains his body to respond far too quickly to sexual stimulation.

While on the face of it this seems plausible argument, I’d still argue that there is an emotional link between the speed with which a man comes and the simulation he’s receiving, whether it is his own hand or somebody else’s that’s providing the mastubratory stimulation. In this case, the emotional factor at work might well be shame or guilt about masturbation.

Nonetheless, to encompass the possibility that a learned response causes a man to come too quickly, all good programs for the control of PE should have a behavioural training element – which isn’t as fearsome as it sounds! All it means is that a man needs to have a system of learning how to adapt to receiving high level (or high-intensity) sexual stimulation without “popping” too soon. And to be quite honest, that is one of the easiest things of all about learning ejaculatory control.

One of the problems of any explanation of premature ejaculation that relies on physical factors is that it tempts men to think they can cure it with a pill or potion, a herbal remedy or a delay cream. The truth is that none of those things actually work.


Enjoying Your Relationship

Leaving aside the fact that a large proportion of the potions sold on the Internet contain no active ingredients of any kind whatsoever (shock horror!), even things which do have a scientific basis such as anaesthetic creams and lotions to spray onto the penis do not solve the root cause of the man’s rapid ejaculation. Furthermore, whilst anesthetic products may possibly slow a man’s ejaculation down – although a lot of the men I’ve spoken to over the years tell me that this doesn’t happen anyway – the usual experience of men using such products is that they either feel absolutely nothing (for the sake of a minute or two’s extra intercourse), or they end up with a penis which is very sore and irritated because of the irritant nature of the chemicals that they’re putting on the most sensitive part of their body.

Which leads us onto the second cause of rapid ejaculation: the psychological or emotional factors. And it’s here that there is real ground to be gained in beating the curse of rapid ejaculation. Now, whatever I’m going to say may not be popular with some people, but it’s based on a lot of research and a lot of experience working with men who want to “perform” better in bed.

To start with, whate I  mean by emotional or psychological factors are things like anxiety about sex, anger towards your partner, a lack of confidence in bed, and perhaps shame or guilt about sex from childhood experiences – or furtive masturbation during adolescence! These are the kind of things that explain the majority of cases of PE.

One point of view that I totally agree with is that most men ejaculate rapidly when they begin to have sex as young men. This because they’re so excited, they’re inexperienced, and they’re rather nervous. All of these things cause the nervous system to fire nerve impulses very rapidly; this emotional arousal, on top of high levels of sexual arousal, forms such a potent brew that the young man has little chance of controlling himself when he enters his partner. I think we can all this intuitively understand this.

What’s perhaps harder to grasp is the fact that any high intensity emotion causes the nervous system to be primed and overactive even before you begin to make love. That’s why a little stimulation can make a man with PE shoot his load too quickly. He’s just too aroused, too quickly.

So you might ask what’s the difference between men who have good control of their ejaculatory responses and men who do not. I suspect the answer lies in the fact that they don ‘t have many hangups or inhibitions about sex. They’re confident in their own sexuality, they’re confident with women, and they have a real sense of being in control during lovemaking.

But all of these things can be learnt. You can learn to control the physical response of your body to sexual stimulation so that your sexual arousal increases more slowly and stays below the point at which you will inevitably ejaculate. You can learn to be confident during sex, simply by learning the techniques that allow you to pleasure your partner successfully. You can learn not to get so turned on during intercourse: for example, by using masturbatory exercises you can train your body to slow down its response to stimulation. By pausing when you get near the point of coming, and repeating this (very) enjoyable exercise several times a session, several times a week, for several weeks,with a clear intention to slow down your sexual responses, you will rapidly develop the ability to stay below the point of ejaculatory inevitability (which is colloquially known as the point of no return).

Some men with PE don’t actually know they’re going to ejaculate until moments before it happens. This lack of awareness is because they’re not tuned into their body and the sensations that it’s giving them. One of the causes of this is that they’ve never learnt to pay attention to their body during sex – the focus is somewhere else.


The best way to enjoy lovemaking

I’ve heard it suggested that one of the reasons this happens is because men learn to get aroused by using pornography, where the focus is obviously external to themselves, and the porn is often so arousing that they don’t have any hope of controlling their sexual responses anyway. I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I think there might be something in it.

What I do know to be true is the fact that during sex you actually have to pay attention to what’s happening between you and your partner, keeping your focus on how you feel and on how she’s responding to what you’re doing to her. When you’re “in the moment” like this, sensing everything that is happening, you are much more aware of how aroused you are, and it follows that you have a much greater chance of being able to control your level of arousal by changing what you’re doing with your partner – e.g. switching to something that actually turns you on less, until your arousal has levelled off, and you can continue without danger of ejaculating unexpectedly.

Now, suppose that you have a high level of resentment, frustration, or stress in your relationship: it makes sense that if you try making love it’s not going to be as successful as it would be if you were feeling emotionally close and intimate with your partner.

For one thing, you’re already feeling emotionally aroused and, as we’ve seen above, that will affect your sexual responses. And for another, who would actually want to be making love to somebody with whom they feel angry? Doesn’t it follow that you might just come quite quickly because subconsciously you simply want the experience to be over with?

I suspect the same is true of men who have a deep-seated conflict with women or a deep-seated lack of trust in women – and I can tell you, once again from years of experience with hundreds of men, that those two things are extremely common.

There’s another factor at work here, which is the widespread belief that men should be able to have sex with any woman who seems to be willing. The truth is, as I learned when I used to run an advice line for adolescents, that the body never lies.

Young men who were not confident about sex, or who were not ready to have intercourse, or who had been seduced into sexual situations by an older partner when they really didn’t want to make love, all found that their erections would mysteriously disappear, even though they were turned on, at the point where intercourse is about to start.

I mean, the truth is this: they didn’t want to be there, they didn’t want to be having sex with the person concerned, and their penis made it impossible for it to happen.

I rather suspect the same thing happens to men later in life, but the way in which the mind makes its true feelings clear is by causing premature ejaculation.

And finally of course there’s good old sexual performance anxiety, from which we’ve all suffered at times. The sexual pressure on men is considerable. Not just to go to bed with any willing woman, but also to take her to orgasm, to be responsible for her orgasm in fact, to last long enough in bed, and to show that they are sexually competent in every way.

No wonder men get anxious about sex! With that weight of responsibility on their shoulders who wouldn’t? And anxiety from all these things can stimulate a man’s level of sexual arousal to the point where the threat to self-esteem if he gets it wrong is so great that he just feels anxious about making love. Feeling anxious will cause a rapid ejaculation, which then reinforces his self-doubt and anxiety, setting up a vicious circle of negative expectation and quick ejaculation which can be quite hard to break – unless you have the right techniques and tools at your disposal.

A similar cause of anxiety is the worry about being able to satisfy a sexual partner. One of the ways that this can be dealt with is to give her an orgasm through oral pleasure or masturbation before intercourse begins.

Needless to say anything anything else that causes anxiety about sex, be it fear of sexually transmitted infections, fear of getting a woman pregnant, fear of losing your erection, and a million other things, can also cause rapid ejaculation – or at least they can be factors in its genesis.